About Me

My Name is Claire Drew, I have been in the garden landscaping business for almost 10 years now. The one thing I love (apart from my children) is my job. Every project is different, in fact so different that it thrills me to see the start and end of the project. I get satisfaction when customers are delighted with my work. My 1st job in this field was my mums small back garden, which I wuickly reapised (from a child) thats the area of field that i wanted to be in and specialize in. 14 years later im running a successful business with multiple staff members of which some have much greater experience in different aspect of gardening, which is why i am so delighted to be working with them.

Our Team

Our team is something special, were all very good at our jobs, more importantly we are like a family. One of the common motos I have in life, "theres no I in team". As the director of the company I expect my colleages to see me as a family member. This creates a much better working atmosphere, more importantly things get done, and customers see the benefits.

I employ several employees of which some work I out source to very reputable individuals who I can trust with my life. I would perfer not to out source but when additional resources is needed you have to do whats right for the team. Every year I treat my employees to a Christmas outing paid by the company. We also do activities such as paintballing. We do invite some of our oldest clients to these outings, as i like to think that my clients are something special. The team has recently finished a project of a garden which was approx 400 sq foot. We have the pictures on our portfolio so please take a look when you get a sec.