our Feedback

James Taylor - Yorkshire - 2nd May 2016

Hi Claire. Firstly I would like to thank you and your team for such an amazing job, from start to finish. Your team was all ways on time, very professional and could have a laugh with them. I felt that your team had a great bond with each other therefor made the project virtually hassle free. I would like to continue to use your services on a monthly basis and keep the garden up to scratch. I do feel asthough that the garden is theirs and the next time we have a bbq your more than welcome to pop in for some food. An amazing team, thank you so much. Look forward to the service in the future.

Harry Cliff - wakefield - Feb 22nd 2016

Hi Claire. i would like to thank you for your hard work on completely landscaping and re designing my back garden. As i take a step back and look at the garden i can surly see how much hard work has gone into it. I hope that you continue your services here on a monthly bases to keep the garden in tip top condition. thanks again.

Kim State - Bradford - 28th April 2016

Hi Gary. Thank you for all your hard work over the duration of the project. Your seem took a very profrssional approach from start to finish. I absolutly loved Amy's design of my new garden. Finally I can now rest and settle to enjoy the outside world watching the birds and the bees pass by. Thank you for all the tips that you gave me for keeping my garden nice and tidy. I wouldnt have got this service elsewhere. Claire im sorry we never got to meet on this occasion. Thanks again.